3 Tips for Mindful Eating

3 tips for mindful eating

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I can’t remember the last time I ate peacefully. For some reason, I’m always in a rush to do something, to go somewhere, to reach a specific goal. When I’m at home, it’s the children, the phone ringing, piles of bills to pay, noise everywhere. I end…

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Stress, Emotions and Unhealthy Eating Habits


Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Lately, I’m under a lot of stress at work. As you can imagine, they’ve been firing a lot of people, even those who have worked in the company for over ten years. I feel so much tension that I know I’m not eating well. I gulp down 3…

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Stress: Friend or Foe?


Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? It was one of those days, when you wanted the day to end and the perfect solution was to curl up in bed until tomorrow. I had woken up with this bright smile, which faded away as the problems at work started to pile up… Would Friday…

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