Nutrition Programs

We evaluate your needs in order to offer a variety of customized, individual plans and programs just right for you.

Nutrition Consultations

Do you want to feel great and re-energized once again?

Weight Loss Detox

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you experience inflammation, bloating, or other digestive symptoms?

Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you think some foods and food chemicals make you sick?

Micronutrient Testing

Do you know if you’re deficient in certain vitamins and minerals?

Mindful Eating

Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat when you’re under stress, angry, frustrated, sad, happy, bored and tired or any other emotion? Are you looking for a new approach to caring for your diabetes?


Are you interested in nutrition and fitness workshops that are fun, engaging and make you feel good all day long?

Plate by Zumba™

Did you know that Zumba® has Plate by Zumba that focuses on nutrition and teaches you how to choose healthy meals?

Zumba Classes

Do you want to dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it? Check out our Zumba classes!