Plate by Zumba™


Did you know that Zumba has their Plate by Zumba Nutrition Program?

Plate by Zumba is the nutrition program by the organization promoting healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle. As a Zumba Instructor and Plate by Zumba Coach, we can help you reach your nutrition goals using a new, simple and practical method of healthy eating.

PLATE by ZUMBA covers a variety of topics that are tailored to your needs:

  • Plate by Zumba concept
  • How Food Connects You
  • Essential Plants and Essential Calories categories and charts
  • Healthy strategies when eating out or at the workplace
  • How to Read Labels
  • The Art of  Grocery Shopping
  • Fiber and the Glycemic Index
  • Addictive Foods
  • Sugar and the Detox Plan
  • Appetite cravings
  • Weight loss strategies
  • Antioxidants and cancer prevention
  • Sugars and diabetes prevention
  • Anti-inflammatory foods to fight pain
  • Omega-3 for Brain health
Plate by Zumba