Micronutrient Testing

Do you know if you have a vitamin deficiency or mineral deficiency?

You might be low on certain vitamins and minerals in your body and not even be aware of it. Sometimes your body provides you with vitamin and mineral deficiency symptoms such as: fatigue, being tired, muscular pains, menstrual pain, digestive symptoms, skin issues, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other symptoms. Other times it doesn’t give you indication of a nutrient deficiency.

Nutrient Deficiency Testing

The Micronutrient Testing (vitamins and minerals) from Spectracell Laboratories consists of:

  • A blood test that determines our 33 main vitamin and mineral values and/or deficiencies.  We provide you with the kit anywhere in the US.
  • Test results together with a nutrition booklet
  • One nutrition consultation to explain the results, provided advice on supplementation as needed
  • Personalized nutrition plan based on your blood test results
  • Menus and recipes tailored to your vitamin and mineral needs
Vitamins and Minerals