SAMe – Supplement your Mood

SAMe – supplement your mood

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? They have diagnosed me with depression. I know I feel depressed, lost, not able to function… When we lost our focus, it’s difficult to know how to continue. I want natural options not drugs, drugs, and more drugs. SAMe, short for S-adenosyl methionine is a natural compound…

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Don’t You Just Love to Snack?

Healthy Snacks

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? When I think of snacks, the first thought that comes to mind is sitting down on the couch, turning on the television and munching on a large bag of potato chips. Mmm, good! Why is it we usually think of snacks as unhealthy – bags of salty,…

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Colorectal Cancer and More Veggies

Colorectal cancer and more vegetables

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I’m a Mom with two adolescents and a full-time job. I never made time to prepare healthy dinners as I always had so much to do. I wish I would have modified our meal plans sooner. Now I have colorectal cancer. Now I’m ready for the change.…

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4 Tips to Reduce IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

4 tips to reduce IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I feel awful. There are days I can’t even leave my house due to my symptoms and running to the bathroom all the time is just part of my daily routine. I feel so ashamed and stupid. Manty times at work, I can’t even perform properly because…

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Aging Wisely

aging wisely

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I used to be so strong, having so much energy all day long! Now I have to slow down and just can’t do the activities I used to. I get these aches and pains that I never had before. Mental Wellness It’s important to let seniors know…

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Recipes for Your Skin

Eat like a rainbow

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Dried skin, aging skin, dark spots… I seem to have everything right now. We don’t realize how much harm we place on our skin by damaging this barrier function. A third of the outer layer of skin is made of lipids or fats. Our skin can get…

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Touring the Grocery Store

Touring Grocery Store

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I can’t stand shopping at the grocery store. It’s time consuming and I end up spending more than what I wanted to. Even when I make a list, temptations are everywhere… We all have to shop, even when we don’t feel like it. But, with so many…

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Secret Ingredients in Food Labels

Secret ingredients in food labels

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Reading nutrition labels is so confusing! Nutrition changes all the time and I can’t spend hours at the grocery store…I feel so frustrated… Can’t label reading be simple? Mysterious ingredients The majority of processed foods at the grocery store have several secret ingredients and mysterious additives that…

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Is Skipping Lunch Part of Your To-Do list?


Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I never have time for lunch! My only meal is dinner, when I’m famished and exhausted. That’s when I tend to eat just about anything I can grab in the fridge, even before dinner! You’re Not Alone First of all, you’re not alone. Your job duties and…

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Herbs to Sleep Better?

Herbs to sleep better

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I mostly have sleepless nights! Tossing and turning and counting sheep has become part of my routine…I’m experiencing this roller-coaster sensation daily. Highs during the day and when it’s time for rest, wide awake…. Here are some calming Chinese herbs with relaxing properties that promote healthy sleeping…

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