Breakfast – The Only Smart Way To Start Your Day

Breakfast the only smart way to start your day

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Today’s not my day. I didn’t hear the alarm clock ringing at 6:30 am, then rushed to take the kids to school and barely made it on time to my first meeting of the morning. That’s when I felt as I was going to faint! Breakfast is…

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What Are Super Foods?


Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I used to love Super Man and Wonder Woman! They could do absolutely anything! The sky was the limit! I’d love to be a super hero again… Super Foods are foods high in nutrients and packed with protecting factors for diverse chronic conditions such as reduced risk…

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10 Tips for Weight Loss

10 tips for weight loss

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Why is it so difficult for me to lose weight? Nothing ever works! Just the other night I was so proud of myself and then…we go off to that party and wham! Everything looked so tempting and everybody around me pushing me “just this one, go on,…

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Plan Meals Wisely

Plan meals your wisely

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? My life is hectic! No time to prepare anything else whatsoever! I can’t stand cooking! Work, family, home obligations….Can I really prepare something healthy and simple without too much hassle? Five Steps to Planning Simple, Healthy and Delicious Step 1 Grab a notepad and prepare your weekly…

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How to Look Young with Good Nutrition

How to look Young with good nutrition

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I don’t want to age prematurely! All those wrinkles I ever had before! How come? What ever happened to my youth? I still feel young but…the mirror shows otherwise. Do you want to age prematurely? Most likely, nobody does. We all wish to look good forever… if…

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Eat like a Rainbow

Eat like a rainbow

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? They say I’m boring. The truth is my physician said that my meals are boring. He asked me to cook differently to avoid health issues. He mentioned that I don’t eat much vegetables and fruits. Maybe he’s right as I always eat the same thing. Unfortunately, I…

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Support our Local Farmers

Support our local farmers

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I believe in a green environment. I do want to buy from farmer’s markets but not always are they available. Are they too expensive? Will I purchase enough food? Is it that good? What changes can we make as responsible citizens and families that can help us…

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10 Benefits to Juicing

10 benefits to juicing

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Juicing has become quite popular. It seems simple yet I feel overwhelmed by purchasing so much produce for such a small drink. Is it really worth the effort? Be creative! By mixing and matching your weekly fresh produce bag and combining vegetables and fruits together, you can…

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Exercise is your Priority

Fitness Tips

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? I can’t stand to exercise! Just the thought of wasting precious time at the gym or walking in the neighborhood bores me. Why does it have to be so time-consuming? I used be so fit when I was young…why can’t I seem to be motivated anymore? Why…

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Is Organic Worth the Price?

Dear Friends, Do you ever feel this way? Organic is in fashion! But. Why is organic produce more expensive? Is it really worth the price? I can’t afford it… The word “Organic” refers to the way farming produces our agricultural produce, using crop rotation in order to keep our soil in tip top shape to avoid…

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